Instagram Will Soon Remove Likes from Posts

Lately, social media has been all about the number of likes and shares one gets on his/her posts. This has converted the simple task of sharing photos and videos with friends into a popularity contest.

Based on many scientific studies, this has had an adverse effect on the people’s mindset, which is why, according to an Instagram spokesperson, “they are exploring ways to reduce pressure”.

Instagram might soon be getting rid of the likes visible on your posts. The number of likes will still be visible to you, but it will be invisible for others.

This unreleased feature was spotted by Jane Manchun Wong and unlike the current version of Instagram, this uncovered version does not show the number of likes on other people’s posts.

The leftmost screenshot shows an ordinary Instagram post but without the number of likes, just several names and faces of people who’ve liked the post.

Implementing this change, Instagram says that they are always looking to reduce pressure on its users. They further added, “we want your followers to look at what you share and not how many likes you get”.

Internal Prototype
An Instagram spokesperson said that this build of the app is an internal prototype for now. Other pre-discovered features such as video calls and the Time Well Spent dashboard were eventually all released to the public, so chances are that this will also make it.

It might just be the right change social platforms need these days considering the negative influence of likes. If anything, the number of likes can be counterproductive, taking into account how much of a fuss people make over the number of likes they get.

On the other hand, influencers won’t be pleased with this feature since their earnings are based on the number of likes they get and the number of followers they have.