Is Mahira Khan the mother of Zara Noor Abbas? Well Google said so!

Social media users were in shock to see popular search engine platform Wikipedia stating that Mahira Khan is the mother of Zara Noor Abbas….

Till the end of last week, Google was displaying the name of our Pakistani sweetheart Mahira Khan as the mother Zara Noor Abbas.
However, a correction was made on 5 January 2021, at 16:12.

In reality, Zara Noor Abbas is the daughter of actress Asma Abbas.

The two actresses share a great bond, and were spotted together on the sets of Pakistani film Parey Hut Love, where the 36-year-old Humsafar star played a cameo role, and the 30-year-old Zebaish star played the supporting role.

A few days ago, Esra Bilgic was listed as the mother of actor and host Yasir Hussain as a prank.

All humour aside, Google and Wikipedia are popular for being an authentic source of information. For maintaining the integrity of the information, it is essential to eradicate random updating system to avoid inaccurate information.