Is TikTok Really Being Banned In Pakistan?

The TikTok management termed the reports as false and baseless.
Lahore (WebPaki / Pakistan News – 3rd February, 2019) There have been reports that the TikTok app, used to create short videos, is going to be banned in Pakistan.

However, the TikTok management has brushed aside all the rumours that the application is being banned in Pakistan.

The TikTok management termed the reports as false and baseless.

“TikTok is being commonly used in Pakistan. We have not received any notice about the suspension of app in Pakistan,” the company said.

According to the TikTok management, their representatives even contacted the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) who also rejected any such reports.

The management of the app said that they are taking steps to stop the flow of such fake reports.

Moreover, an action can also be taken against those spreading such rumours.

Recently, a citizen belonging to Nowshera had filed a complaint against the social media application TikTok on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Citizen Portal.

The Pakistan Citizen’s Portal was quick to act and immediately forwarded the complaint to the PTA.

Some media channels were reporting that the app will be blocked in Pakistan following this complaint.

Since the app’s merger with in November, 2017, TikTok has become a popular social media platform as people continue to use the app for making dramatic videos.

TikTok has become quite popular in Pakistan in recent months and its videos often go viral on other social media sites.

A large number of users, mostly youth, use it to upload and browse lip sync videos and memes.

The app is addictive while its use has landed certain people in trouble as well.