Italy Opens Work Visas for all Pakistanis

In the latest announcement of its annual schedule of work visas called ‘Decreto-Flussi’, the Italian government has allowed Pakistani nationals to avail seasonal and non-seasonal work visas for the year 2020-21.

Over 30,000 work visas would be issued by the Italian government to the nationals from a few non-EU countries, including Pakistan. Pakistani workers in agriculture, tourism, construction and freight forwarding sectors can avail this opportunity.

Pakistan has been included in this category of visas after the lag of two years as a result of sustained efforts by the Pakistan Embassy in Rome.

In his media talk, Ambassador Jauhar Saleem said that Italy hosts the largest Pakistani diaspora in the EU following Brexit. They sent over $142 million in remittances in 2019-2020. He shared that the Pakistan community in Italy had been demanding Pakistan’s re-inclusion in the list of countries eligible for seasonal visas, ever since the facility was withdrawn two years ago.

He added that the demand for Pakistani workers in the Italian market is on the rise consistently, especially in the agricultural sector.

It is expected that under the current scheme, hundreds of Pakistani workers will obtain employment in Italy.

Earlier, the Pakistani Embassy also facilitated thousands of undocumented Pakistani workers in Italy to seek legal status through a scheme launched by the Italian government in June 2020 to regularize the undocumented foreign workers.

Over 18,000 Pakistanis applied for regularization under that scheme. Despite the second wave of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, which has seen a record number of fresh cases in recent days, the Pakistan Embassy has kept its consular section, both in Rome and Milan, fully functional so as to facilitate the community.