Its High Time Pakistan Fixes Its Rapist Problem [Opinion]

Last week, a young mother became the victim of a horrific gang rape on Ring Road Lahore. The unfathomable incident has led to public outcry across the nation. Currently trending on Twitter is a call to hang the rapists publicly.

It is beyond imagination that such acts can still occur with no fear of consequences. What’s even worse has been the reaction of the authorities, who have called out the woman for taking an unsafe route and being out so late at night.

The rage of people across the nation has driven them to demand public execution of the rapists to make an example out of them and to show everyone else that such behavior cannot and will not be tolerated.

The outcry around it has clearly not been enough as another similar incident in Gujranwala has come to light, and it’s clear that people want to hold authorities accountable. And although the rage is undoubtedly justified, are public hangings really the final solution?

Some are arguing that they risk becoming a smokescreen. A gesture that while does indeed deliver punishment to those who deserve it, but also simultaneously allows those involved in a much larger rape culture to get away with their role in the matter.

This isn’t a one-stop fix. Hanging these rapists will not do anything to fix the fear every woman in the country is feeling right now.

Let’s not even talk about the way the CCPO reacted. What will public hanging do for him? What will it do to anyone who has the same mindset?

Actor Osman Khalid Butt, who is quite vocal about his views on activism and

social ongoings shared a thread explaining why executions are not the answer.

Solutions to a longer challenging of misogynistic traditions and rape culture are vital. We need to start talking about changes on all levels.

Let’s hope this is a conversation we are never forced to have again. Rape culture needs to end now, but let’s be honest – we all know there is no short term solution. It’s a long battle that we need to start fighting now because otherwise, we’ll be back here again and again.