Police on Wednesday arrested key suspect in Rimsha murder case from village Nawab Wassan in Khairpur.

They said the suspect, Zulfikar Wassan, had surrendered himself to police.

Police on Tuesday arrested a cook of special assistant to chief minister Sindh, Nawab Wassan, over his alleged links with the key suspect in Rimsha murder case.

Imtiaz Wassan, the cook, was in contact with Zulfikar Wassan, said the police.

According to police, the arrest of Imtiaz Wassan will help law enforcers track the murderers of the little girl.

However, on the other side, Wassan House has denied reports of the cook’s arrest.

A local court today (Tuesday) had remanded Ghaffar Wassan, an accused named in murder case of 13-year-old Rimsha for seven days.

Rimsha was brutally killed after being kidnapped in Khairpur last week.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Khairpur, Umer Tufail said probe into the matter was underway, the main accused of the case, Zulfiqar Wassan, will be brought to court of justice soon.

Wassan, along with his accomplices, stormed inside a house in Khairpur and kidnapped 13-year-old girl Rimsha.

Her mother informed journalists that she had approached the local political leaders and police but failed to get justice.