KP Hospitals to Have Separate Wards for the Transgender Community

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has taken the decision of establishing separate wards for the transgender persons in all the public hospitals in order to avoid any discrimination and ease of medical facilities to the transgender community.

Mehmood Khan—the Chief Minister issued a notification on Tuesday regarding this matter.

As per communique, the CM of KP asked for immediate provision of the medical services to the transgender community in all the government hospitals and other healthcare institutions in the province.

It further mentioned that all the medical teaching institutions’ hospitals to reserve 5 beds for the transgender persons—category A and B 4 beds and category C hospital for 3 beds, accordingly.

All the medical superintendents, district officers, and directors in the province have been asked to assure that the order gets implemented. They have also been told to share the updated status with the Directorate General Health Services.