KP Police Arrests Suspect In Rape And Murder Of Charsadda’s Child Girl

 Police say the suspect is 45 to 50 years old who belongs to the same area from Zainab, two and half year old child girl, was abducted, raped and killed.

CHARSADDA:  Khyber Pakthunkhwa (KP) police arrested a man who abducted, raped and killed two and half year old girl, the sources said on Saturday.

They said that the man also confessed his crime of abducting, raping and killing the child girl Zainab from Charsadda.

The police, they said, did not disclose his picture and kept his details secret including his name.

“He is around 45 to 50 years old man who abducted, raped and killed two year old girl,” said the police while mentioning his age. They also said that he belonged to the same area from where the baby girl was arrested.

The picture of innocent child girl lying dead on surface of a nearby ground in Peshawar created storm on social media. Zainab, 2 and half-year old girl, who was born to Charasadda family, was abducted just a day before her death. The medical reports also confirmed that she was sexually abused while her abdomen was tore apart. The mutilated body was recovered from the ground in Peshawar.

KPK Chief Minister Mahmood Khan took notice of the incident and ordered police for immediate arrest of the suspect involved in such crime.