KP to Launch Public toilet finder app on Nov 19

With the bloom of digitization in Pakistan, several new measures are incorporated for the welfare of the country and people living within. No doubt, many small developments give birth to big revolutions in the country. Among many other, a new development which will be beneficial for the people of KP is the development of a Public toilet finder app. This app will be launched on November 11, 2019, which will facilitate people with finding public toilet across KPK.

KP to Launch Public toilet finder app on Nov 19

This news was announced by  Imranullah Mohmand, assistant coordinator of water and sanitation services cell (W&SC) of a local government department. He told that same kind of app is available in  India and Australia to facilitate people who were previously deprived of this facility.

This moved is adapted to help people in public places and at the same time, clean and protect the surroundings from degenerations. The public toilet app will give all information about toilets, such as their distance, gender, children and disabled people.

This will be helpful for the tourist who visits the country and in this way will project a good image of Pakistan.

No doubt, the initiative is very small and maybe people will not like it, but by the end of the day, it is launched for the welfare of the state. A huge round of applause for the KP government and other provinces should also move forward to launch such initiatives.