Lady Police Officer SSP Suhai Led the Operation Against Terrorists at Chinese Consulate

Today Pakistan woke up to quite the worrisome news that the Chinese consulate in Karachi was being attacked by militants. And like clockwork, the news channels and the local press went into overdrive, focusing on a blow-by-blow account of how the country was in the midst of a major terrorist attack, one that threatened to engulf one of the most steadfast allies that Pakistan has right now.

It shouldn’t be too surprising. As Pakistanis, we are used to accepting the worst. As the battle raged on between three militants, who had entered the Chinese consulate, and the local police, certain details didn’t come to the fore, until of course after the bullets went silent.

Pakistan lost two valiant crime fighters today. The two policemen, along with their team and Rangers, managed to clear the Chinese consulate, averting a monumental tragedy in the process. All part of a team being led by a female police officer from Sindh.

Averting a Tragedy

Today, we discovered that human bravery comes in all forms. This operation against the terrorists was led by SSP Suhai Aziz. Reportedly, she was the first police official who rushed to the scene of mayhem and directed the operation as Rangers and even Army personnel were called in.

Inspector General Sindh Kaleem Imam lauded her valor when he personally briefed Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah about the details surrounding the operation. Quick and calm decision-making on part of SSP Suhai Aziz was instrumental in ensuring that the situation did not spiral out of control.

Social media too was quick to take notice of her exceptional bravery. What she did today saved lives, and Pakistanis from all over will not be forgetting this fact soon: