LG’s 1st Foldable Phone Might Have The Most Practical Design Yet

Presently, there is a race between the smartphone manufacturers to make foldable phones as soon as possible. LG has also joined the contest and word has it that it may introduce its foldable phone at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2019.

The company has not rolled out any teasers or information till now. However, its latest patent describes a lot about its plans.

The South Korean manufacturer has laid out a design quite similar to a tablet, but the smartphone can be made smaller. Users can enjoy a larger display while having the choice to make it smaller, given that the display can wrap around the exterior…

There is a magnetic snap that keeps the display attached to the gadget’s back. Moreover, when folded, the part of the display that is not visible turns off by itself.

Unlike Samsung, LG’s foldable phone, most probably called LG Flex, has a single display. The user gets to enjoy the versatility of a phone or a tablet in a single device thanks to this design.

Apart from the tablet-like experience, LG’s device also seems to sport an ultra-thin bezel above and below the flexible OLED panel, and it might actually be better than Samsung’s idea if the phone looks anything like the patent.

This is not the only patent of its kind by LG. It had filed a patent for a similar technology as well, but there is a significant difference between the two, where the older patent had a display that divides down the middle.

Nevertheless, it is only a patent for now, and there is no guarantee it will look exactly like this once LG releases it.

Via GSMArena,