Makeup Tips for Summer

Summer is the season of colors, pleasure and fun but, the sliding eyeliner, melting makeup and the super sticky gloss or lipstick is not tolerable to girls. That is the reason large proportion of girls hate summer because they can’t maintain their style statement and it is something really bad for the aficionados. But, don’t worry about it as I will give some useful summer makeup tips to keep you happy, fresh and gleaming the entire season with outstanding and ravishing designer lawns and handbags.
In summer, keep your makeup as comfortable and simple as possible because handling humidity and heat is the most daunting task in summer. But, it doesn’t mean girls can’t wear makeup in hot season. With the following simple makeup tips all girls can wear an artistic makeup even in day time when the atmosphere is not friendly at all. Here it goes
Primer application:
One of the biggest mistake girls usually commit while wearing makeup is that they avoid making use of primer. But, believe me investing few seconds for applying primer serve as a delight whole day. Basically, primer has the ability to hold makeup for longer hours without giving a heavy distemper look. Primer is far better than the foundation because foundation give a look of a whitewash layer on face giving an awful appearance.
Go for light makeup:
No doubt, summer is a colorful season but, when it is about makeup keep it light and smooth. If you have pimples, freckles or scares then, make use of a tinted translucent powder. It will add colors making skin smooth and clear.
Eye Makeup:
Eyes the gorgeous most part of human face and a perfect makeup elevates the beauty to another level. In summer simple and soft makeup is usually recommended. May be you are a big lover of kajol and liner but, in summer avoid smudging with heavy layers of kajol and liner rather go for shimmery and soft shades. If you can’t avoid linear apply thin and extremely fine line with an elegant mascara application.
Lips Makeup:
In hot summer give a natural look to your whole makeup from eyes to lips to dressing. Obsolete bold and dark lip colors and glosses in summer and opt smooth, nude and natural lip tones. Application of gloss in shades of pinks and light brown is an outstanding idea instead of dark mate lipsticks.
An unavoidable makeup product for girls of all ages and she takes it along everywhere she moves. Buy a bronzer with slight shimmer and put on with a large brush about T-zone of the face. Now, after proper application of bronzer apply your favorite most preferably pinkish blush on.
In summer too much makeup simple ruins the entire personality and gives an outdated impression. Always keep in mind that being a girl it’s your utmost responsibility to present yourself elegant yet stylish. Simple but perfect and right application of makeup is the secret to attain a model look in summer. All the best girls.