Microsoft Family Safety app Lets you Control Screen Time and Much More

Managing screen time in today’s world of tech gadgets is quite a difficult task. Even the children are getting used to devices and using them for so much time that its nearly impossible for parents to keep a check on them. In such circumstances, Microsoft was testing a safety app for families that can help them manage screentime and app usage. Finally, today, the company is launching this new Microsoft Family safety app for both Android and iOS.

Microsoft Family Safety app will Launch Today

This family safety app is highly useful for parents who can efficiently manage app usage and overall screen time on this app. Parents can also set app time limits with the ability for children to request extensions.  This Microsoft app is available for Windows, Xbox, and Android, which means that the time limits for games and apps will be synchronized on multiple devices. In this way, even when you are not around, kinds will not be able to swap devices to get extra hours to play games. This App also lets parents to fully block specific apps that can be hazardous for their kids.

It is one of few apps that has added web and search filters as well to limit browsing. These filters actively work for Microsoft’s Edge browser on Windows, Xbox, and Android. Usually, most of the filters only work for Android devices only, but according to Microsoft, the functionality of these filters will work on the iPhone as well. The ability to synchronize with other gaming devices is the best thing ever. This app also provides parents the ability to lock the surprise spending on accounts and purchase emails as well, which will save credit card bills.

Family safety can be used for location sharing between friends and family members. A new location clustering feature lets people see when family members are at the same location. The company is also working on notifications when a specific member of the family reaches any location. However, this will be a premium feature and will only be available for  Microsoft 365 subscribers.