Motorway Police Launches ‘Humsafar’ App to Give Commuters Traffic Updates

The National Highway and Motor Police (NHMP) has launched the ‘Humsafar’ app that will keep you updated about traffic.

As per the details, the app has been designed to facilitate the commuters by providing real-time road situation, instant weather updates, road blockades, alternative routes, dangerous turns, traffic volume, and help to commuters in distress.

This application is an intelligent interface for assistance, enabling the users to get all the required information on the traffic easily.

The app was inaugurated by Minister of State for Communications Murad Saeed in a ceremony. He appreciated the performance of the Motorway Police, saying that he is proud of the department for its work in the past 65 days.

He also said that the Humsafar app will help NHMP respond quickly and serve people more effectively.

The state minister further announced that the government will soon start the construction of safer and better roads to ensure the safety of commuters.

He said at the occasion that the government is taking concrete steps to depoliticize and improve the condition of state institutions to ensure better governance.

This app is currently available for Android devices. iOS users will also be able to use this app soon.