Motorway police reunite deaf and dumb child with parents

LAHORE: Motorway police on Monday rescued a five-year-old deaf and dumb child in Rahim Yar Khan, who lost the way to his home, and reunited him with her father.

According to Motorway Police, the child was recovered near Rahim Yar Khan few days earlier, who lost the way to his home due to his medical condition.

Felling the responsibility, the team of the motorway police, which found the child, started the search of the parents. The minor was later handed over to the parents, who were overjoyed to see their child and thanked the motorway police team.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson of motorway police has also lauded the efforts of the team.

In one such act in 2018, motorway police had rescued a minor girl from a fuel station on motorway and reunited her with her father.