Nokia Has Updated 96% of its Phones to Android Pie: Counterpoint

A new report from Counterpoint Research shows that Nokia phones were the quickest to get Android updates. About 96% of Nokia devices sold in Q3 2018 are already running Android Pie, putting the brand on number one on the list.

Do take this with a grain of salt as the report only shows results from the top 10 Android manufacturers, so brands such as OnePlus and Essential are excluded from the list even though they have good track records.

Other companies in the top five include Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo. Samsung and Xiaomi came in behind Nokia with 89% and 84% of their devices running Android Pie respectively.

Huawei was hot on Xiaomi’s heels with 82% and Lenovo was nowhere close to the top 4 with only 43% of their devices running the latest Android version.

Fastest Updates

The report notes that Nokia was also the fastest to cover all of its devices with newer updates, updating 94% of its phones in less than a year.

Xiaomi and Lenovo are tied for second place whereas Samsung was a lot slower in updating its phones to Android Pie.

Why Nokia Was the Fastest

There are a number of reasons why Nokia issued the fastest updates. The first and foremost being that most Nokia phones are part of the Android One program, which guarantees two years of prompt updates.

Another reason is that other brands have a larger portfolio of devices and they usually tend to focus more on supporting flagship devices and often leave out mid-range and entry-level smartphones when it comes to updates.

People Aren’t Buying New Phones

Counterpoint Research notes that people are keeping their phones longer. Users in the US, China, and Europe are now holding on to their devices for 30 months on average. This makes it important to keep phones up to date as the latest software keeps the phone feeling fresh even after two years.

It’s also important that the phones are getting the most up to date security patches and this shouldn’t be something exclusive to flagships. Clearly, manufacturers need to step up their efforts to provide users with the latest software and security updates.

Source: Counterpoint Research