Now Consumers will Get PKR 88 on 100 Rupees Card Load

Good news for Pakistanis. It has been confirmed via media reports that now customers will get around Rs. 88 on loading Rs 100 card. Interestingly, the telcos companies have now withdrawn operational and service charges on card load and balance transfers. Previously, the customers were getting around Rs. 75.94 on loading an Rs. 100 card.

Now Consumers will Get PKR 88 on 100 Rupees Card Load

The Supreme Court ordered all the telcos companies on July 3 to withdraw all the maintenance charges or service charges in order to avoid the extra burden on the pocket of the customers. The Supreme court said that “the cellular companies are not allowed to impose any service/maintenance charge thereon as they have elected not to impose these charges”.

Following the order of the Supreme court, now the telcos companies have withdrawn all the extra charges and now customers will get a sigh of relief.

However, the 12.5% withholding tax and 19.5% FED is still applicable and will be deducted from mobile card recharge.

We hope that this action will satisfy all the customers who were complaining continuously about the telcos companies extra deductions on card loading.