The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) has suggested the government to hike prices of diesel and petrol in line with fluctuation of oil prices in the international market.

The price of diesel has been proposed to be increased by Rs9.44 per litre and petrol by Rs4.71 per litre, a letter for March 2019 read.

The regulator has also requested the prices of kerosene oil to be raised by Rs8.06 per litre and light diesel oil (LDO) by Rs5.12 per litre for next month.
Fuel prices marginally reduced

Ogra has forwarded a summary to the Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division), which recommended revision in oil prices.

If the government accepts this recommendation, then diesel prices would inflate from existing Rs106.68 to Rs116.12 per litre, petrol from current Rs90.38 to 95.09 per litre, LDO from Rs75.03 to Rs80.15 per litre and kerosene from Rs82.31 to Rs90.37 per litre.

The government will take the final decision on Ogra’s recommendation on Thursday.