Pakistan Ahead of India in Global Mobile Internet Speed Rankings

The Speedtest Global Index for November 2018 is out. It ranks mobile and fixed broadband speeds from across the globe on a monthly basis.

The index is a comparison of internet speed in different countries. In November, Pakistan’s average download speed on mobile was 12.38 Mbps while the upload speed was 9.32 Mbps.

This ranked Pakistan at 101, having jumped up one slot. As for fixed broadband, the download speed was recorded at 7.96 Mbps while the upload speed was 6.03 Mbps. It has been ranked at 117 and has jumped up three slots this month.

As for the mobile internet speed, India is ranked at 111 and stands at 65 in the fixed broadband speed.

The global average mobile internet speed according to Ookla is 24.40 Mbps (download) and 9.70 Mbps (upload). For fixed broadband, it is 52.16 Mbps (download) and 25.90 Mbps (upload).

Furthermore, as per the index, Iceland occupied the top slot for mobile internet speeds with 72.54 Mbps download. While in a fixed broadband category, Singapore took the top slot with 185.25 Mbps download speed.

The total number of countries ranked for mobile internet speed is 123 while for fixed broadband speed, 126 countries are ranked.

It needs to be mentioned here that to be included in the ranking, a country must have at least 670 unique user results for mobile and at least 3,333 for fixed broadband.