Pakistan Hasn’t Changed its Policy Towards Israel: Foreign Office

Pakistan Foreign Office has categorically denied all the reports claiming that it has softened its policies towards the controversial state of Israel.

The Spokesperson of Foreign Office, Dr. Mohammad Faisal, while responding a question during weekly press brief on Thursday, stated that there is no change in Islamabad’s policy towards Tel Aviv.

He was asked this question amid reports of a Jewish Pakistani being granted permission to visit Israel. Without commenting on the incident, Dr. Faisal said Pakistan’s policies towards the Jewish state are unchanged.

As per details, a Jewish Pakistani named Fishel Khalid had applied for permission through an app of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Oct 28.

At the start of this year, Fishel received a call from Foreign Ministry informing him about the grant of permission. He tweeted the news on Wednesday, 23rd.

If everything goes accordingly, he will become the first Pakistani ever to be allowed to travel to the forbidden land on official permission.

Fresh updates on the matter suggest that he was born in a Muslim family, but later converted to Jewism.

He told BBC that he has been in contact with NADRA since 2016 to get himself registered as a Jew and after a long battle his claim was admitted by the government.

“Although I was registered as a Muslim at birth, I told NADRA that I am not a practicing Muslim and provided them all the details and documents they asked for to cross-check my information,” he told BBC.

After the confirmation, Khalid has been issued a fresh passport which shows him a Jew.

Via: TheNews