Pakistan not normalising relations with Israel, says Israeli minister

ISLAMABAD/TEL AVIV – An Israeli minister has denied the news report saying that Pak-Israel ties are not possible under the current circumstances.

While speaking to a television channel, Israeli Regional Cooperation Minister Ofir Akunis said Israel was working towards formalizing its ties with a fifth Muslim country after the recent flurry of recognition.

There will be an American announcement about another country that is going public with the normalization of relations with Israel, and in essence with the infrastructure for an accord — a peace accord, Akunis said.

The Israeli Regional Cooperation Minister declined to mention the countries but
Earlier, Prime Minister aide Tahir Ashrafi trashed all claims of a secret visit to Israel. He said no representative visited Israel, neither the government has any intention to recognise the Jewish state.

He slammed the opposition for baseless allegations on the issue of Palestine. The opposition should play their respective role to unite the Ummah, PM aide told media.

During an interview to a private news channel, Prime Minister Imran Khan also refused all claims of such development, saying, why would any of the ministers visit Tel Aviv when Pakistan does not recognize it. Khan stated the news as “an entire campaign” against the government.