Pakistan Post Starts 12 Hour Guaranteed Delivery Service

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s efforts to revamp Pakistan Post have yielded fruits as the national courier department has introduced rapid mailing system in the country.

With this Same Day mailing system, you can send parcels across the country within just one day.

As per government’s announcement, an article posted before 1 pm, will be delivered before 12 am same night.

The government has also started the Electronic Money Order system which will make sure the quick transactions of money throughout the country.

As per sources, the EMO will allow customers to send as much as Rs50,000 within one day anywhere in Pakistan.

Sources suggest that the One Day Delivery System will be initiated in 25 and the Electronic Money Order system in 80 cities the first phase, both services will eventually be expanded across the country.

State Minister Murad Saeed along with the officials from the Ministry for Postal Services is likely to make a formal announcement any time today.

This service, if goes well, would be revolutionary for the loss-making Pakistan Post. As a large portion of the Pakistani population is unfamiliar with internet banking services or prefers to use cash as a medium, electronic payment draft transfer could be the solution for people looking to send money to their loved ones in remote areas of the country.

Via: ARY News