Pakistan Ranked 10 among the Angriest People in the World

According to the Annual Gallup Global Emotions Report, Pakistan is among the top ten countries which are angry. The researcher compiling the report interviewed around 150,000 people from 140 countries and reported the findings. Around 71% of people said that they enjoyed this survey.

However, the survey found out that the level of stress was high and the level of worry and sadness is also increasing day by day. Upon compilation of the survey, the list of the angriest population across the globe was produced. Not surprising at all, Pakistan was ranked 10th on the list.

Pakistan among the Angriest People in the World
Armenia ranked first, followed by Iraq and Iran. Palestinian Territories, Morocco, Turkey, Niger, Chad, and Libya also made to the list.

The Gallop global emotions report highlighted the important issues including employment, food access, well being and leadership which was enhancing the reasons for the unrest in Pakistan.

The Gallup World Poll highlights important issues worldwide, such as food access, employment, leadership performance, and well-being leading to stress and anxiety which later on turns in to anger. The poll is conducted on a semiannual, annual and biennial basis.

This news was funny for the youth of Pakistan who took to social media and trolled it. However, it is something we should be worried about. The ever-growing stress in Pakistan can be seen in the newborns also.

The government needs to provide employment to people and introduce facilities which lead to less stress level and in turn help in anger reduction. Moreover, mobile technology overused these days also lead to frustration and anger, so its usage should also be reduced.

This is a time that we should take some precautionary measures and we should not rank in the list of Angriest people next time as our religion also teaches us that anger takes a man nowhere.