Pakistan to chemically castrate serial rapists after new bill

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan will now chemically castrate convicted serial sex-offenders after the South Asian country promulgated a new anti-rape bill this week.

The stringent punishment is part of sweeping a new legislation sparked by outcry over the gang-rape of a woman on Lahore-Sialkot motorway this year.

“The provision of the chemical castration of repeat as well as first-time sex offenders… was added in the Anti-Rape Ordinance 2020”, the President’s office confirmed on Wednesday after Prime Minister Imran Khan and his cabinet approved the legislation last month.

Under the Anti-Rape Ordinance 2020, all cases related to rape will be wrapped up by the special courts within four months, according to a statement from the president’s office.

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Anti-rape crisis cells will be established to conduct medico-legal examination of rape victims within six hours of the incident.

A nationwide registry of repeated sexual offenders will also be established.

The law also prohibits revealing a rape victim’s identity, declaring it a punishable offense.

Chemical castration involves using medication to reduce testosterone and has been used for pedophiles in Indonesia since 2016.