Pakistan Tops List of Most Umrah Pilgrims to Saudi Arabia

The highest number of Umrah pilgrims go from Pakistan, reported the kingdom’s authorities. 776,326 Umrah visas have already been issued in 2018.

According to details, the government of Saudi Arabia issued a total 3,486,363 Umrah visas, out of which a large number of visa holders were Pakistanis.

Indonesia stands second in the list with 508,180 visas, while India remains third with 343,396.

The other countries include Yemen (170,016), Malaysia (163,202), Egypt (147,545), Turkey (116,081) Algeria (106,358) and Bangladesh (7,513).

The data shared by the Saudi authorities suggests that 3,020,686 pilgrims have arrived in the Kingdom so far. There are 467,017 pilgrims still in the Kingdom, with 326,440 in Makkah and 140,577 in Madinah.

The data reveals that a large number of pilgrims – 2,680,863 – had arrived by air. A total of 317,948 entered by land and 21,875 came by sea.

Similarly, Pakistan has been among the top three countries for getting the largest number of visas for Hajj pilgrims. For the last two years, only Indonesia has received more Hajj visas than Pakistan.

According to government numbers, more than 184, 000 Pakistani pilgrims – 5000 more than last year – will perform Hajj in 2019.

Via: Pakistan Today