Pakistani Dramas Are Casting Negative Impact On Young Generation, Says Samina Alvi

President Arif Alvi’s wife Samina Alvi says that dramas should not contain “wrong content” and should be based on different subjects so there could be positive impact in the society.

ISLAMABAD:  Samina Alvi, the wife of President Arif Alvi, has expressed concerns over poor content of tv dramas.

Samina Alvi says she does not watch local dramas as they contain poor and same kind of contents.

“The affairs and wrong things are just shown through these dramas,” said the President’s wife during his interview to an international news organizations.

“Pakistani dramas cause just depression because they just carry worthless content,” said Samina Alvi.

She said she discussed this issue with some TV people but they suggested that rating was the major problem which was not possible without “vulgar” and “bold” scenes in dramas.

He also stated that the dramas being telecast on local TVs cast bad impact over the boys and girls but she did not go into details to substantiate her state that how.

“Dramas’ content should be productive and based on different subjects,” said Mrs Alvi, pointing out that the children would do the same what was shown in these dramas.

She said the use of narcotics was also linked with content and visuals of these dramas.

“ The content of these dramas, I feel, is the one of many other reasons that use of narcotics have increased in the country,” she added.

In her interview, Samina Alvi also talked about First Lady Bushra Bibi and called her “Civilized Lady”, saying that they both discussed many things in good way and in details.

She rejected wrong impression about her in the public, saying that she has grip over different subjects and speaks politely.