It is an evident fact that nothing goes unrewarded when its base lies in passion, devotion and struggle to do anything and when it comes to the people of Pakistan, they always strive to make anything happen no matter what sort of hurdles face them.

So here is a Pakistani welder from Rawalpindi who has amazed everyone by introducing his handmade 660cc car.

Yes, you heard it right! It is factually a handmade car revealing the hard work and passion of an aged welder who always wanted to do something exceptional although he was a simple welder for last 25 years.

Abdul Majeed’s idea of making a car was however near to impossible not only in terms of feasibility but also with the consideration of budget and machinery required for it.

But when there is dedication to achieve something, then everything turns out to be favorable by the time. Abdul Majeed wasn’t a technically qualified person himself but his son was and he helped his father to design the machinery and other parts of the car.

No assistance was sought from any of auto-engineer throughout this time period. The base of the car was built as the first step which was designed unlike the way usually car is being manufactured by companies.

This primary base had finely welded rods, bars, shocks and tyres. He then attached an engine to this base and continued with other technical work. He used simple equipment during this manufacturing process and opted for 660cc engine being the one belonging to the Potohar region.

Abdul Majeed made everything by his hand including silencer, petrol tank, driving peddle and steering system using his talent in the best manner. There was neither any particular design for the car body nor heavy machinery and so it took weeks to be built.

The car bumpers, front body and dashboard were made by stainless steel while keeping in view the better quality. Abdul Majeed told that although the resources were very limited and work much expensive, the quality wasn’t compromised at all.

The quality of the opening and closing of its doors are similar to that of a lavish car manufactured by high class companies. Abdul Majeed’s son, Ammad-ul-Islam learnt a lot from his father’s vital experience and considered it the best source of practical learning in terms of his educational period.

Moreover, it was exemplary to make something seemingly impossible into possible and it proved that determination as well as hard work never goes in vain.