Peshawar Zalmi to Host a Football League in Pakistan

The owner of Peshawar Zalmi, Javed Afridi, has announced a plan to give birth to a football league in Pakistan following his collective meeting with PM Imran Khan and TouchSky Group (TSG) CEO, Ahmer Kunwar.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss various ideas through which football can be promoted within the country.

Ever since Leisure League’s efforts, many individuals and companies are working to achieve a collective goal: to put Pakistani youth and players on the international stage.

Speaking to Imran Khan, Javed Afridi explained the current state of sports affairs in Pakistan. He emphasized the need for a football league which would help bring Pakistan’s youth into the limelight.

The start of this league will be in collaboration with TSG, which recently brought Kaka and Figo to Pakistan to inaugurate a football event as well.

Imran Khan promised his full support and applauded the efforts of Peshawar Zalmi and TSG for working towards a common goal in collaboration with the government.