PM Imran Khan Fulfills His Promise Of Converting PM House To Islamabad National University

We all know that Prime Minister Imran Khan had announced to convert PM House into the State of Art University from the very first day. PM IK has finally fulfilled his promise and the Prime Minister House has been converted into Islamabad National University (INU).

PM House Converted Into Islamabad National University

Prime Minister Imran Khan attended the seminar titled as” “Emerging Challenges and Opportunities for Pakistan” that was actually the launch conference for Islamabad National University held in Islamabad on Friday. PM Imran Khan emphasized on the importance of education. He further added that:

“Education is the top priority of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government and enough funds are being made available for higher education in the country”

He said that now all the symbols of colonial mindset will be broken. The money retrieved from dacoits will not be wasted. However, it will be spent on education in the country so that more number of people can have access to a good quality of education.

He further added that:

“Any society that has progressed is because it focused on education and human development. If a small class of people makes money, then the country cannot progress.”

Furthermore, he also gave an example of those who were caught in the Battle of Badr. He said that even they were told that if they taught 10 Muslims they will be released.  So, this shows the significance of education. This was a revolution for the whole world even at that time that there is nothing higher than education. The prime minister IK said that the establishment of Islamabad National University (INU) at PM House is aimed at reducing the gap between the government and public. He said that the government will try its best to promote and improve the overall standard of education in Pakistan.