Privacy Focused Facebook will be Merged with WhatsApp & Instagram

Yesterday the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announced its Privacy Focused vision for its social networking platforms. He said that he knows Facebook is under many revelations for sharing personal data of users with third-party apps but at the same time he promised that he will bring the social media platform out of this dilemma. He shared his vision of making its platforms the most private ones in future. Privacy Focused Facebook will merge all its apps to become a trio.

The CEO of Facebook presented his vision in a post, referring to the two-year bad period where the company was in the darkness of allegations.

Zuckerberg wrote:

“I understand that many people don’t think Facebook can or would even want to build this kind of privacy-focused platform — because frankly we don’t currently have a strong reputation for building privacy protective services, and we’ve historically focused on tools for more open sharing. “But we’ve repeatedly shown that we can evolve to build the services that people really want, including in private messaging and stories.”

Linking the Trio Apps:

Facebook is reportedly working to integrate its three messaging platforms, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Hold on! These apps will not merge completely and will continue working as standalone apps. But Facebook wants to allow users to use any of these platforms without navigating the app. In my point of view, Facebook will integrate these apps in such a way that if a user is using any of these apps, h/she can use the remaining two apps without leaving the previous app.

Zuckerberg also highlighted the reasons why most of the people want a unified platform. He said that all the three platforms, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram have a handsome amount of user base but combining it will make it easier for the user and will refrain them from jumping to one and then to another platform.

Facebook to Integrate Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram-Is it a Good Decision?

Zuckerberg said that all of these apps would be encrypted so no one could see the contents of the messages except for the sender and recipients. WhatsApp already has that security feature, but Facebook’s other messaging apps don’t.

Though many experts are against this decision, lets see whether Facebook pushing merged messenger will be successful or not.