PSL Franchises Give Their Verdict On PCB’s Female Cheerleaders Proposal

Just like last year, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) put forth the proposal of introducing cheerleaders for the fourth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

The initiative was pushed by PCB, where its members suggested that the presence of these female cheerleaders will increase the game’s popularity despite the competition being held in a Muslim-majority nation.

In a bid to convince the PSL franchise owners, PCB reassured them that the cheerleaders will be dressed appropriately, without donning and revealing any provocative clothes.

PSL Franchise Owners United Against PCB’s Decision

All six of the PSL franchise owners rejected PCB’s decision to introduce female cheerleaders. The owners labeled the idea “not helpful” for teams amid cost issues and conservative values.

Some owners had moral issues with the proposal whereas others did not agree with the amount of money that was required to back the idea.

Had the proposal been accepted, the franchise owners would have had to spend $14,000 on each female dancer.

A source close to the matter said:

The franchise owners rejected the proposal firstly objecting to them having to shell out USD 14,000 dollars and secondly because they felt the presence of cheerleaders would not be helpful in enhancing the popularity and following of the league.

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