PTCL’s Digitization Efforts for its Employees

With digitization taking everything by a storm, the world is in the palm of your hand. We always have our smartphones in our hands as we prefer to be informed and updated in real-time.

Along with that, it has become quite common to have everything on one device – be it pictures, videos, emails, music, books, documents, and not to forget; social media.

It has become so much easier to manage our daily tasks and lifestyle through mobile apps – whether it’s to cook a healthy meal or a workout customized for our particular needs or browsing through latest reviews on movies and your favorite shows – there is really nothing in this day and age that your phone cannot do.

Not only that, in today’s information age, there is no excuse to forget wishing a friend or a family member on their birthday as our calendar will surely remind us the night before.

Not only is our personal life impacted by smartphones and apps, but our work life is also dependent on having access to information for making timely decisions. In today’s fast-paced business world, the trend of digitization has become more pronounced with organizations providing more and more facilities to their employees using the latest technology.

The significance of this function is often hidden ‘behind the scenes’, yet it serves as the backbone of the company. From recruitment to employee retention to ensuring an effective office culture, HR is at the front line of the business.

Having a digital HR ecosystem has become a necessity since the recent evolution of technology. Changing operational processes into automated and data-driven processes using social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies is now essential in the corporate biosphere.

The current broader consensus within the HR fraternity is that digital HR processes are here to stay, and companies that are not factoring in the need of a digital ecosystem will be left behind.

We see many companies adopting innovative ways to connect with their employees and also building the culture of empowerment. One such example is PTCL where HR practices are constantly being upgraded and updated aligned with the need of the hour.

By adapting to this new trend, PTCL is committed to delivering an optimal digital experience through leveraging, evolving and tailoring digital platforms, mobile apps, and other advanced technologies to empower employees.

This journey of PTCL’s digital transformation started in 2017 with the launch of PTCL Vibe – an Employee Self Service Application. The App offers ease of use, a streamlined user interface, quick access to key information, and personalized user experience.
The benefit of this app is that it provides ease of access to employees using a single platform. It has one-window access to all the key services, role-based permission access management and a single sign-on for all in-house portals.

Using PTCL Vibe, employees can view their salary statements, apply for leaves, approve leaves, access employee profiles, approve travel, provide feedback, amongst other features. The app has enabled PTCL to move towards a digital and an employee-centric culture. Moreover, Vibe Portal provides a seamless experience throughout the employee lifecycle.

Companies like PTCL continue to foster a progressive culture with a challenging, innovative and flexible work environment, including a strong emphasis on gender equality. The company’s inclusive and diverse culture led to it being the winner of the Employer Federation of Pakistan (EFP) Award on best Human Resource Management (HRM) Practices 2018.

PTCL initiatives that it introduced in the HR domain for the well-being of its employees include HRM practices such as PTCL Pride, Ideas Olympiad, PTCL Razakaar, Facebook@Work, among several others.