‘Pyari Beti Walay Characters Buhat Krliye’

ARY Digital’s “Cheekh” is off to a great start as the much anticipated play started last Saturday with a huge number of drama fans watching it both on television and internet.

The drama starring Saba Qamar, Bilal Abbas, Aijaz Aslam, Ushna Shah and Azekah Daniel in pivotal roles revolves around a girl’s fight for truth and justice.

ARY Digital interviewed the play’s leading actors about what was their first reaction after reading the powerful script; here is what they said.

“My reaction, when I heard the script I thought this role is challenging, it was exciting, these types of roles attract me, pyari beti wali role buhat krliye (I am done with the typical good girl roles),” said Saba Qamar, who plays Mannat in the play.

She was of the view that she found it different so opted for it. “Yahan pe krney k liye kuch ha (here is one role I can enjoy doing)” said the actress.

‘All characters are important’

Aijaz Aslam, the veteran actor who plays Yawar, was of the view that he chose to become a part of ‘Cheekh’ because of the powerful plot.

“You cannot say that a single character is central to the drama, all actors have powerful roles and the play has an intriguing plot,” said Aijaz Aslam.

“The way the story builds up and the end, all this was quite interesting and prompted me to opt for the role,” said Aijaz.

‘I took it as a challenge’

Bilal Abbas, who is playing Wajih, told ARY Digital that he was the first person to know about the script and was shocked as to why he was chosen to play a negative character.

“It was quite different from the characters I have played till today but after reading the script quite a few times I thought why not, I am an actor and can take it as a challenge,” said Bilal Abbas.

The actor added that he thought that as an actor he should not stick to positive and romantic roles and should experiment.

You can watch Cheekh every Saturday at 8PM, only on ARY Digital.