Rana Fawad Announces Inquiry Into Lahore Qalanadars Defeat

Owner of the franchise says he is sad over defeat but thanks the supporters from across the country.
KARACHI- (WebPaki / Pakistan  News- 11th March 2019) Although, Rana Fawad’s team has badly failed to perform in this season of Pakistan Super League too, the lively Lahori owner of Lahore Qalandars has not lost his spirit and vowed to continue sport the game in Pakistan.

“I’m a little bit disappointed over the performance of Lahore Qalandars but I will continue support of the game,” said Rana Fawad while talking to a local tv.

He appeared at a talk show after his team had endured a massive defeat at the hands of Multan Sultans in the 29th match of PSL’s fourth edition in Karachi. After the defeat, both the teams (Qalandars, Sultans) failed to fix their spots in the playoffs.

He apologized to the people of Lahore for finishing off last but at the same time, he thanked for the support and love he received from all over the country.

“I am really sad after this recent loss. What hopes can I have on the team where the captain is injured,” he said. Fawad also announced to hold an inquiry into the bad performances of the players. “This time the players will also be held accountable.”

He said he also visited Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalander’s shrine, praying for his sins to be forgiven and the victory for the team but how prayers could work when the players would not be ready to perform.