Stranger by the minute” is the only phrase we can use to describe the world we live in aptly. This strange place has quite a lot of crazy things happening inside it. Its evidence is recorded on a daily basis by everybody who walks down the road.

Well, today we have a story from India. And no, it’s not a story about saints, wisdom, and yoga. It’s the story of an ATM with an extraordinary guest: a rat.

This incident, according to Hindustan Times, took place in the town of Tinsukia, Assam, North-East India.

In a world where humans are at one another’s throats for money, a measly rat has managed to evade security, enter an ATM vestibule, invade the teller machine and chew up nearly $17k.

As Reuters reported, the rat chewed up something approximately 12 lakh rupees causing the ATM to be out of order, baffling bank technicians and customers alike. The machine had been the subject of numerous technical complaints thanks to its not dispensing money for over 12 days.

The things with small Indian towns like Tinsukia is that despite the government’s attempts at digitizing money and transactions, cash still plays a significant role in the economy.

It was after the machine was opened up that people found the shredded confetti of notes.

The only adjective that brings justice to this scene is poetic, or fable-esque. Such a statement on the human condition, so full of greed and running after money in this proverbial rat-race called life.

A fable of Aesopian standards itself, it ended on a moral note too: the poor rat died inside the teller machine itself, after devouring a multitude of notes.

The corpse was already half-withered when taken out.

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