Safe City Project: Over 600 security cameras in Islamabad are non-functional, Senate told

ISLAMABAD – Interior State Minister Shehryar Afridi has said that the previous government had installed over 1,800 cameras in Islamabad under the Safe City Project, but over 600 of them are non-functional.

The investigators checked the surveillance cameras but they couldn’t find anything about slain SP Dawar or his kidnappers. Not a single camera could capture recognisable pictures of vehicles and dubious people, the minister told the Senate on Thursday.

Peshawar Rural Zone’s SP Tahir Khan Dawar was allegedly kidnapped from the federal capital on October 27 and his body was found in Afghan Nangarhar province on November 13.

The interior minister said that SP Dawar was kidnapped from Islamabad and shifted to Afghanistan via Mianwali and Bannu.

He said the culprits behind this heinous crime will be taken to task.

The state minister also urged the House to initiate an inquiry into the Safe City Project.