Saheefa Jabbar Khattak, Khizer Hussain look perfect in impromptu wedding shoot

Celebrity weddings tend to be highly anticipated and extremely extravagant. From the decor and guest list to the dress and the photoshoot everything must be perfect! 

But some stars just want to live in the moment and not care about anything else besides the time they are enjoying with their significant other.

Model Saheefa Jabbar Khattak got married to Khawaja Khizer Hussain around two and a half years ago in an intimate ceremony filled with love and laughter. However, in the midst of the celebrations the couple forgot to get their wedding photo shoot done, but it’s never too late right?

Khattak just revealed that she got her wedding photoshoot done this month and the pictures will make your heart melt!

The wedding portraits are every bit magical and we can’t stop obsessing over how perfect the couple looks.

Saheefa looked absolutely beautiful in a pastel pink ensemble and she did make a glowing bride once again!

Posting a series of love-struck photos with her husband, Khattak said, “We got married in December 2017, and it was a humble happy event but for some reason, we didn’t get our photo shoot done.”

She explained how the two were so busy enjoying their wedding festivities that they didn’t mind missing out on other things.

“We decided to jump into our shaadi ke joray (wedding dresses) one fine morning and get our shoot done, at home. It felt natural, it felt comfortable, and it felt nice making my own deadlines and not doing what’s conventional,” the Beti actor added.

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