Sahiwal victims’ son says CTD personnel opened fire on his parents, sister after ‘receiving a call’

The 10-year-old eyewitnesses to the Sahiwal killings recorded his statement before the JIT in which he made startling revelations.

Umair was present in the car at the time of the incident in which his mother, father and older sister were killed. He saw the whole thing.

The young boy said the car hit the footpath, after which two police vehicles pulled up. Masked personnel opened fire and killed “uncle Zeeshan”, he said, referring to a man whom the police claim was a terrorist.

My father kept asking them to let us go, he said. After killing uncle, they spoke to someone on the phone and after they ended the call, they opened fire again, said Umair.

They took me and my two younger sisters out of the car then opened fire again, he recounted. They then left us in the middle of nowhere and took off, said the boy, adding that after a while the personnel returned, piled them in the car and dropped them off at the hospital.
He said no one in their car fired at the police nor were any weapons found in the car, contradicting the police’s claims.

The six CTD personnel arrested in the case will have to record their statements in front of the JIT once again.

Khalil, his wife Nabila, their teenage daughter Areeba, and friend Zeeshan Javed were killed after CTD officials opened fire on their car in Sahiwal on January 23. The government formed an investigation team to probe the case, however, the families of the deceased have demanded the formation of a judicial commission to investigate the case.