Saif Ali Khan and daughter Sara Ali Khan from Koffee with Karan

Father and Daughter duo made it together to Koffee with Karan. It was a fun episode to watch. Karan caught the duo in time to get all the information out. He talked to Sara Ali Khan about her relationship with second mom Kareena Kapoor. She explained how she is very conscious about her age and at first she was confused what to call her, ‘Choti Maa’ or ‘Aunty’ however Saif Ali Khan cleared her confusion by telling her she will have a breakdown if you call her any of that.

She also revealed they have been friends however they don’t really share the same love for art as she and Saif do. Sara also talked about marrying Ranbir Kapoor and dating Kartik Aaryan to which Saif joked if they have money. Karan asked about her mom to which she replied both her parents were really wild and she might never be that wild. When Karan commented on how the gym pictures of Kareena were most favourite around, Saif replied explaining how he gets to watch her before everyone else in their bedroom. Things got a bit awkward there, lol.

Karan, Kareena and Saif have been really good friends so Sara was very comfortable with her first interview and Koffee with Karan rounds. The father daughter duo shared a lot of laughs proving they have a very easygoing relationship where he is protective of her yet she gets to decide what she wants in her life for herself.