Salman Khan attended the Mechuka adventure festival to promote tourism

Over the years Bollywood celebrities joined hand with Indian government to promote tourism. This time around it’s Salman Khan who is seen attending Mechuka festival in Arunachal Pardesh. It is India’s northeastern most state which has its unique practices still intact. The beautiful roads surrounded by mountains and beauty sure is something we all would love to enjoy.

Salman Khan did the same as he cycled 10 Km on the road with few other people enjoying the views and fresh air. He was warmly welcomed by the locals as they gifted him their traditional dress which he later wore. Arunachal Pardesh and Bollywood are called best friends together by the people.

India sure has a lot of beauty to offer but due to the maximum tourism diverted to other bigger places like Mumbai and Agra places like Arunachal Pardesh are neglected however with the fan power that can be changed.