Samsung 5G Phone Pictures Show a Weird Notch

In the near future, 5G will Impact every Industry in the best possible way. World’s biggest mobile operators are striving to launch 5G technology as soon as possible. While mobile manufacturing companies are also making 5G handsets and everyone is waiting to buy the first 5G Phone as soon as possible. Just recently we have come across Samsung 5G phone pictures which give us some different details about the device.

Yesterday Qualcomm had launched a new Snapdragon which is the first 5G chipset, during an event in Hawaii which revealed how the new Snapdragon 855 is totally dedicated to 5G. During an event, Qualcomm introduced Snapdragon 855- The first 5G chipset along with global carriers. Samsung was also a part of an event where it showcased its 5G demo phone.

Samsung 5G Phone Pictures- Isn’t is strange?

At first blink, the device looked fine but upon more inspection, we could see a different yet weird kind of notch placed on the top right corner of the device. The Korean tech giant has not disclosed which device it would be our any more information but we can guess that it would be Galaxy S10 as according to previous rumours Galaxy S10 will have holes on the top right corner.

Well, Samsung who used to make fun of other smartphone giants for incorporating notches is the one who is adding it to its flagship device in such a strange place: corner. Tough everyone like me would like to buy Samsung Girst 5G device with plenty of cameras but with this NOTCH, am not sure.

Right now as we do not have any additional information regarding this strange notch device, we can just wait for Samsung to disclose some more information regarding the device.

According to previous reports, Samsung to launch the Galaxy S10 top-end model with the other three models at an event in February 2019. The 5G variant will come after the public debut of 5G networks. Next year, the Galaxy S10 will be available in several variants, from a more affordable option to the absolute top-end 5G variant. Each variant will offer a different number of cameras.