Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Launch in 2020- Another Lollipop for Fans

It’s confusing that we get to know such news from tech giants who are striving hard to launch the first device but before that, they announce its sequel and reveal its launch date. Everyone knows that when Samsung announced the first foldable device years back, and it took them so long to launch it. Not only this Samsung Galaxy Fold even failed the durability test due to which the devices were called off and till now the company was working hard to make its fragile screen better. Anyhow, yesterday we came to know that Galaxy fold is all set and Samsung will launch it in the US on September 27. In order to wipe the dirty image, the company also offers one time discounted screen replacement for its users who are going to buy the device before December 1. Later on, we came to know that Galaxy Fold will not launch globally and will only be rolled out for the US only. However, to give the lollypop to other fans of the foldable device globally, the company announced it will launch another device, Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 in 2020 for everyone.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2- A degraded device or a lollipop?


Like seriously? You took so much time launching a device and then you were not capable of launching it globally. But when it comes to the second device, you will be able to manufacture and launch it in just one year? This sugar quoted story is not going to work for people specifically when Huawei has taken the lead in all the aspects of the Mobile device. No doubt, in less time people are able to build a staunch trust on the device maker, which is for an obvious reason i.e; they are manufacturing even better devices than Apple.

Anyway, people who are happy with the cotton candy from Samsung and want to know the feature of Galaxy Fold, here you go! The Galaxy Fold will have 256GB storage as compared to the 512 GB of Galaxy Fold. Well, we do not have any other information that whether Samsung will compromise on hardware to further decrease the price of the handset.