Samsung Galaxy S11 has Already Heavily leaked

Samsung Galaxy S11 has already leaked extensively, but the company has now announced that it is working on Galaxy smartphones that are far more radical. Samsung has announced an amazing array of foldable smartphone models for its fast-tracked successor to the “Embarrassing” Galaxy Fold in newly published patents picked up by the ever-alert PatentlyApple. 

Most interesting by far is Huawei’s front-facing foldable model and which some believe is Samsung’s format should have been introduced with the original Galaxy Fold. That said, some truly excentric models, including rollable and tabbed designs, have also been thrown at the company. 

The Korean tech giant will be launching three new Galaxy S smartphones next year, according to a statement from China. There will be 5G compatibility in all phone models. The phones are called ‘ Galaxy S11e, ‘ ‘ Galaxy S11 ‘ and ‘ Galaxy S11 Plus ‘ as you would suspect. 

The big revelation in this study is the Galaxy S11e’s 5G aid. Samsung was one of last year’s first smartphone manufacturers to launch 5G on their smartphones. The move gave it enough time to collect real-world 5G usage data and use the system to support its South Korean customers. Similar to the US, South Korea is ahead of networking equipment in its 5G deployment. 

That said, it’s the other latest patent from Samsung that actually gets blood pumping. One top insider and the’ New Infinity ‘ display tech have already leaked the company’s plans to integrate front-facing cameras under its display in 2020, which will enable it to be described by Samsung’s product marketing manager as “just around the corner.” 

We already know Samsung Galaxy S11 packs a ground-breaking camera, improved design, significant increases in performance, next-gen memory, a super-sized fingerprint sensor and AI-focused image processing, while Samsung is also planning some revolutionary new battery tech.