Samsung is Launching a 108MP Smartphone Camera


Smartphone makers are all racing to put more megapixels on their smartphones these days. 48-megapixel cameras have already become mainstream, and now Redmi and Realme have announced that their 64MP units are coming very soon.

If you’re thinking that 64MP is ridiculous, wait till you see what Samsung has in store.

Samsung has announced that on August 12th, its camera division will launch a 108MP camera for smartphones.

Earlier Samsung was planning to launch the camera sensor in 2020, but it seems like the company is revising its timeline, and we might be seeing the new sensor very soon.

Xiaomi also announced earlier in a teaser that they would use this Samsung ISOCELL sensor in a smartphone. This will make it the first-ever smartphone to have a 108MP camera on board. Rumors say that Xiaomi will add this new sensor to the upcoming Mi Mix 4.

Of course, if your smartphone is going to be taking 64MP or 108MP shots, then it also needs to be capable of processing all those pixels. For that matter, Qualcomm is at the ready with their new chips. Reports say that Qualcomm’s upcoming chips (coming later this year) are capable of processing over 100MP photos.

These new 108MP cameras will be using pixel binning to form a high-quality 27MP image, combining 4 adjacent pixels into one. It’s still unclear whether you’ll be able to actually shoot 108MP shots or not.

Google Pixel smartphones have already proven that taking good quality snaps involves a lot more than just adding more megapixels onto the sensor. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how well this camera performs in a phone.