Samsung likely to ditch iris scanner in Galaxy S10

Samsung likely to ditch iris scanner in Galaxy S10

South Korean tech giant Samsung is expected to announce its flagship Galaxy S10 series in early months of next year.

According to a new report by Korean publication suggests that Samsung is reportedly going to remove iris scanner feature from Galaxy S10.

Iris recognition is a technology for identifying user irises using an infrared camera and used to unlock the smartphone. The biometric authentication technology was first introduced by Samsung in 2016 with the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 and it has been available on all flagship Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series handsets since then.

Moreover, the report also suggests that the Galaxy S10 will be equipped with fingerprint recognition and the top two models of the series will feature an ‘In-Display fingerprint sensor.’

The remaining Galaxy S10 models will be equipped with an optical display fingerprint or side-by-side key and the Galaxy S10 design has not been finalized yet.

Samsung has also hinted at how it will go about destroying the notch. The Galaxy S10 won’t have one. Its front camera will reportedly be underneath the display. The iris scanner may also have been removed to realize Samsung’s vision of a notch-less full-screen smartphone.

The Galaxy S10 lineup would likely consist of three separate devices–a Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10.