Samsung Might be Working on a Google Glass of its Own

Samsung might be developing augmented reality glasses, based on one of its latest patent applications. This month, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent from Samsung for their first attempt at AR smartglasses.

The patent shows a device that looks like a typical pair of sunglasses – with much thicker frames to accommodate its electrical components. Rather than a dedicated power button, the glasses automatically turn on once they’re unfolded.

Once you put it on, the glasses’ projector beams images on the small square display in the wearer’s field of view. To make sure the device doesn’t turn off if a user turns their head the wrong way, Samsung plans to use magnets near the hinges so that it stays in an unfolded position until you deliberately fold it.

It also serves as a medium to complete a flexible electrical circuit running from one temple’s battery through the frames to the other temple’s projector.

While Samsung’s patent doesn’t necessarily mean that it will ever release AR glasses, the fact that it’s exploring practical implementations for wearable displays — specifically for AR glasses — is encouraging.