Sanjay Dutt misbehaving with journalists Video is going viral

Mumbai- Vaastav actor Sanjay Dutt’s video is going viral for all the wrong reasons. Sanjay Dutt and his wife Maanyata hosted a diwali party at their house for friends and family. Sanjay Dutt is seen drunk in the video making rounds on the internet misbehaving with the journalists stationed outside his house for coverage.

It all started when drunk Sanjay Dutt stepped out asking the journalists to leave, spend the festival with their families and loved ones. Everything is going fine until this one journalist replies how their jobs can be at stake and they are stationed here by their bosses. If they leave they might loose their jobs.

Dutt is not having any of this and he starts to abuse and curse the media personnel standing outside his house for coverage. Being a journalist is not an easy job as they have to leave important festivals and events just so they can give audience an insight of celebrity’s life, living their on lives on standby.