Saved Rs. 147 Million in Under 3 Months From PM House Thanks to the PTI

The austerity drive in the Prime Minister House has saved Rs. 147 million in just two and a half months.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on media affairs, Iftikhar Durrani, revealed the figures in a press conference, adding that this will further increase by the end of this month.

Durrani went on to say that the repair and maintenance budget of the PM house has been reduced from Rs. 8 million to Rs. 3.4 million while everyday expenses have also been curtailed.

Durrani said the staff members of PM house had been reduced from 522 to just five.

“On the directives of PM Imran Khan, staff members have been reduced significantly. PM Khan has a heart for the poor, so no employee will lose their job,” he said adding that “We’ve adjusted 200 employees to other departments so far, and another 125 would be phased out in the next step.”
He said that PM Khan had urged all the departments to follow the austerity drive strictly.

“After PM Khan’s directives, ministers would brief the premier regarding the austerity measures taken in their departments.”

Durrani claimed it was PTI government’s sincerity with the country that compelled friendly counties like Saudi Arabia, UAE, China, and Qatar to invest in Pakistan.

Special Assistant to PM further added that the government would brief media regarding the implementation on the 100-day plan in coming days.

Durrani summed up his press briefing on a note that the government was mulling over an amendment of law which would allow the prime minister to answer questions once a week in parliament personally.