Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday warned of security threats persisting until the elections in India were over.

In an informal conversation with journalists, Prime Minister Khan said the government of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was capable of doing anything to win the elections. “The armed forces, government and people of Pakistan are ready for any challenge. A fitting response would be given to any aggressive move”.

“There are intelligence reports of the enemy’s terrorist activity increasing in Balochistan post-Pulwama,” the prime minister added.

According to Prime Minister along with India, the borders with Iran and Afghanistan were also being secured.

The prime minister stressed that his government would eliminate banned organisations as he brought to attention the failure of the past government to implement the National Action Plan (NAP). He said there was a consensus among political parties on NAP, however, no action was taken.

“We are chasing them [banned orginsations] now and will eliminate them.”

‘Good news for nation’

Prime Minister Imran Khan told journalists that the nation could hear some good news in the next three weeks.

He said offshore drilling in the Arabian Sea was in its final stages and there was a possibility of a major discovery.

‘Indecisive bureaucrats’

The prime minister was critical of the indecisive of bureaucrats, which he said was causing difficulties for the government.

“They [bureaucrats] believe the National Accountability Bureau does not have enough personnel to investigate large-scale inquiries.”

The prime minister said that the people will not be involved in the financial embezzlement if NAB is successful to put corrupt elements behind bars.

According to the prime minister, the small-time crooks being chased by the accountability bureau would fall in line if the powerful were served exemplary punishment.