Should We Trust Google? or not

Recently a new debate has sprung up across the Internet with people asking one very simple question; can we trust Google any longer?

Can we trust Google?

Different companies have been conducting experiments to determine just how Google’s software operates. What they have uncovered comes as a shock to many. Google seems to be acting as surveillance software, allowing more tracking cookies than any other browser.

                                       How does Google work?

What so many people seem to forget is that Google is constantly tracking our online activity. From what we search to the websites we visit and even our interaction with apps and people in real life; Google sees it all. This shouldn’t actually come as a surprise to us as it its core Google is essentially an advertising company.

By tracking our movement online Google determines our preferences and then shows us highly specified ads catering to our interests. The more data it tracks the more accurate its guesses about our likes and dislike are and the more it earns from advertising companies. The more products you buy the more Google benefits.

In fact in its latest update Google Chrome signs users in directly without their consent to track their activity more easily.

What alternative do we have?

If you are worried about securing your data than a better alternative would be to download Mozilla Firefox. It now runs just as fast as Google and also helps block cookies that Google would otherwise permit. Mozilla is not part of the advertising business per say and hence it promotes “enhanced tracking protection” which blocks cookies by default.

It’s not that Firefox is completely perfect it also allows some cookies to come through, however, it is a much better choice than Google. Hence don’t be afraid of facing difficulty in changing your browser, its much easier than it seems. And if you do wish to avoid an invasion of privacy then make your move now.